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Dear Members,

We invite you to visit our new website at .

The new website is no longer password protected so you will not need to login and create a password. This will eliminate login difficulties to access our website.  Any sensitive information will be emailed directly to our members.

For ease of access we have included all of our governing documents, rules, and policies under Members Documents.

We are still adding content and will be updating information as needed. We value your feedback and suggestions.

You can contact us by clicking on contact us at the bottom of the website or email us directly as

A few concerns have come to the Board’s attention. Some residents are not properly securing our community watercraft (3 canoes, 2 paddleboats, and 3 kayaks). These can be easily carried away by wind and waves especially with the current high level of the lake. Residents are reminded to safely secure community watercraft at all times.
We were also disappointed to learn that 4 of our adirondack chairs were left in the water last week and not returned to the deck.
These and our watercraft are community assets paid for by your community dues. Please take proper care of them and remind others to do the same.

CRCA Board of Directors

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