Evacuation Alert – Fairmont, Cold Spring Creek

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Good afternoon everyone,

We wanted to provide a quick updated on the situation in Fairmont:

  • The Evacuation Alert remains in place.
  • Late this afternoon we received approval to undertake debris removal from the reservoir/debris trap on Cold Spring Creek. We are now securing a contractor to complete the work and we will provide you with an update once we know when the debris removal will begin.
  • Work continues to get required approvals to undertake the debris removal on the debris basins on Fairmont Creek. We will keep you updated on this front as well.
  • There has been no significant change in the amount of debris in the debris traps at this time and the creeks are running clear. With the warm temperatures this week we could see an elevation in creek flows as upper elevation snow melts.
  • The State of Local Emergency has been extended.
  • I will provide another update tomorrow, but wanted to share these highlights with you now. Have a good night,
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