New Marker Buoys on Columbia Lake

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New Buoys a Visual Reminder of Speed Zone Restriction Areas on Columbia Lake

Boaters and recreationalists on Columbia Lake will notice some new marker buoys on the lake to help boaters be aware of areas where speed restrictions are in place.

“The buoys align with the Provincial Wildlife Management Area and indicate where on the lake a 10 km/hour speed limit is in effect,” explains RDEK Development Services Manager Andrew McLeod. “These are federal regulations and are in place to help protect sensitive habitat and species at risk.”


In total, eight new speed limit buoys have been placed on Columbia Lake. The speed limit is10 km/hour in the following locations:

  • within 100 m of the shoreline on the east side (marked by five buoys);
  • and, at the south end of the lake (marked by three buoys).

The speed limit restriction is under the federal Vessel Operating Restrictions Regulation (VORR). VORR restrictions are implemented only where there is demonstrated community support, a supporting local authority and a demonstrated need for the boating restriction. As part of the comprehensive process required to implement VORR regulations, the RDEK was designated as the responsible local authority.

The speed limit has been in effect for Columbia Lake since 2001. As the responsible local authority, the RDEK was requested by Transport Canada to install the buoys; however, it is not responsible for enforcing the speed limit. In the next few months, the RDEK will also be posting educational and required regulatory signage around the lake to provide information on the boating restriction.

“We all recognize how many important sensitive areas there are around Columbia Lake and these buoys will be a clear visual reminder of the need to slow down to protect them,” adds McLeod.

The new buoys are required under the federal VORR designation of the Canada Shipping Act and were installed mid-June.

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