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Dear Columbia Ridge Membership,

Due to the CORVID-19 pandemic, your CRCA board of directors have reviewed current recommendations by health authorities to help guide are decision making regarding cancelling or postponing upcoming community events:


Easter Egg Hunt – Regretfully, your board of directors have canceled the Easter Egg Hunt. In past years we have had a large turnout with lots of excited children running about and it would be difficult to maintain physical distancing.

UNDER REVIEW (more information to be provided as the situation unfolds):

AGM – The board is considering postponing the AGM. CRCA bylaws state that the AGM shall be held at least once in every calendar year, and not more that 15 months after the adjournment of the previous annual general meeting. This could move our AGM out to August 2020.

Dock Repair (April 25th) and Dock Install (May2nd) Work Parties – Thank you for all of you who have volunterred. As these group events typically require shoulder to shoulder work it is doubtful they can proceed, as previously conducted, at any time in the near future. The board will continue to evaluate other options as well as awaiting further information on whether or not Tilley Memorial Park (boat launch) will be open for use.

Many of us view Columbia Ridge as a refuge from the stresses of the outside world. Obviously this virus does not respect that barrier so we urge everyone to follow the guidance of our health authorities and respect the mandated physical distancing measures so we can all stay as safe and healthy as possible through this pandemic.

We will provide further communications on the above topics as we move forward.

CRCA Board of Directors

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