Important Notice to Residents

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Rail Road Crossing

A specific mention is required as it relates to the Rail Road Crossing at the beach and the associated railway tracks

Please do not walk on or beside the railway tracks. Access north and south should be along the shoreline only. Please make sure to advise your children and guests as well. CP Rail can impose very heavy fines ($10,000) to an individual for being on the tracks and the CRCA could lose our Crossing Agreement and thus our lake access. It has happened in other areas without warning. The CRCA has a permit to cross only at the north end below the road and parking lot. There have been various related incidents this year and this needs to be a reminder to all.

Gate Lock

Finally, please ensure that the gate is locked behind you when going to the beach.

Community Resources

This is a reminder for all CRCA Members and their guests to review the community website at for information relating to our community. This information should be used as we all go about our activities throughout the year.

Community Resources can be found at the link below

Community Resources Link

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