Welcome to our community website developed for residents and guests. We hope it will be a valuable resource for you to make the most of your experience in Columbia Ridge.

Our goal is to constantly evolve and expand with information for you. Here we can create a virtual holding place for the latest news and resources for our community. You will be able to find building and mooring information, respond to event invitations, be advised of fire and animal hazards, reply to surveys, and more!

If you would like to share additional resources you’ve discovered and have found useful, we invite you to contact us. If there is information you would like available here, please let us know that as well.

Beach Gate

Please ensure you lock the gate behind you to discourage non-community members from using our facilities, as we do not want to be held responsible or liable for their safety. To obtain the code please contact the Treasurer.

Beach Road

Please drive slowly and watch for oncoming vehicles. The road is narrow and often people are walking and biking on it as well. Please note it is not maintained and therefore not suitable for use in winter – vehicles can get stuck and towing companies may refuse to respond.

Boating Guide and Boat Moorage

If you would like to book a moor contact the mooring coordinator at We are limited by the lake zoning to only a limited number of moors.

Please review the following documents which can also be found in the Member Documents section of this website:

Boat Moorage and Dock use Policy and Rules

Mooring Line Requirements

General Liability Waiver

Ditches And Flooding

Lot owners are advised against filling in their ditches and covering culverts with landscape fabric. The road allowances are owned by the Dept. of Highways and have been designed for drainage. Filling in the ditches or covering culverts may create problems during snowmelt or rainstorms. Almost every spring we receive a heavy snowfall followed by rain. However, the ground is still frozen and the ditches allow for the removal of this large amount of water. Other communities have experienced flooded basements where owners had filled in their ditches and our community had yards flooded, which could have also lead to flooded basements. Also, please be aware that any landscaping in the road allowances is subject to removal should the Dept of Highways or any utility companies needing access to underground services.


Dogs are not allowed at the swimming area (including on the wooden decks used for tanning) or in the playground area. Please pick up after your dogs and keep them on a leash. Also, if your building contractor will have dogs on site, please ensure they are contained.


  • Fairmont Transfer Station – 1km north of Fairmont on the left – watch for the signs
  • Canal Flats Dump – South over the bridge on the right
  • Windermere Dump (fee) – Windermere Loop Road

Please do not leave at Rec Centre or yellow recycling bin!

Please take your garbage to the dumping locations listed above. Please do not leave your garbage at the Rec Centre. Bins are provided at the beach for day use only and bags are provided for diapers and cleanup after pets. If your home is under construction, please advise your contractors to keep your site clean.

Home Building

All building plans must be reviewed by the the Planning Subcommittee of the Board of Directors prior to receiving a building permit. Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for approval. The RDEK verifies subcommittee approval prior to their approval of a building permit. Please submit:

  • Set of blue prints and site plan for both the house and garage (even if garage is to be built later)
  • Square footage of the main floor
  • Roof, siding & trim materials along with colour samples
  • Water fees & community dues must be paid up to date
  • Please note once construction begins owners have 12 months to complete all exterior construction, with an additional 12 months for landscaping completion
  • Any modifications to submitted plans must be advised
  • Additional information relating to your building plans may be requested by the building committee
  • Please refer to the Guidelines for Building and Architectural Approval, Stucco Guidelines, and your Schedule B (Building Scheme) in the Disclosure Statement for information of the building criteria.

For more information please contact the Housing Committee.

House Numbers

Ensure your house numbers are large and visible from the road. This will allow emergency personnel to respond more quickly when needed.

Paddle Boats And Canoes

We have one orange paddle boat and one green canoe. After using please haul them up high onto the shore by the swimming docks. High water and strong winds have blown boats to the far north end of the lake and several times the boats were very difficult to find and retrieve.

Quiet Hours

Please be mindful of neighbours and the bylaws of the Regional District by refraining from outdoor parties and music between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am.

Railway Tracks

Please note that no one should be walking on the railway tracks. Please make sure to advise your children and guests as well. CP Rail can impose very heavy fines ($10,000) on an individual for being on the tracks and the Community Association could lose our Crossing Agreement and thus our lake access. Crossing is only permitted at the north end below the road.

Speed Limit

50 km. Maximum – please remind your guests and contractors to slow down as we love our children.

Building Permits

  • Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) 250-489-2791


Camping is not legally permitted on vacant lots due to Regional District by-laws and zoning. Construction trailers are permitted only while building is in progress.

Crown Land

Our community has been acting as stewards for the Crown Land to the south of Columbia Ridge through careful usage and planned clean ups. The vegetation is very fragile and motorized vehicles are not permitted in the area. Our care of the Crown Land helped prevent development of the property into a campground in the past and through our continued respect we can help retain this pristine property for everyone’s enjoyment.

Post Office

  • Canal Flats, 8932 Grainger Ave, 250-349-5363
  • Fairmont Hot Springs (Mountainside Market hwy93/95) 250-345-0045

Propane Suppliers

  • Cal Gas 250-341-3567
  • Can West250-341-3206
  • Lo-cost 1-800-446-1047
  • Superior Propane 250-342-0123


Quads and other motorized vehicles are not permitted on the Crown Land to the south. Please respect your neighbour’s quiet use of their cabin by not riding around on the community roadways either. In addition, they are not legal on our roadways and you may be fined by the RCMP.


A yellow bin is located at the Transfer Stations both north of Fairmont Hot Springs and just south of Canal Flats for plastic, paper, cardboard & metal cans. Glass needs to go into a special “glass only” bin. Please ensure everything is clean, no Styrofoam, and no garbage.

Road Reports

We hope you find the links below helpful in finding a suitable road report.

The following links are general:

The following links take you to AMA’s road camera for the mountain region of Alberta:

The following links take you to Drive BC’s Road Cameras for the Southern Interior Region- BC:

Satellite Television

Check online for their service information.

Telephone Books Available

  • Answer Book Valley Echo, Invermere
  • Better Book Fairmont gas station
  • Telus Super Pages 1-800-376-0136 (Delivered)


  • Telus 1-888-811-2323
  • BC Hydro 1-800-224-9376
  • Shaw 1-888-472-2222
  • Columbia Ridge Waterworks – 250-345-6673,


  • Telus 1-888-811-2323
  • BC Hydro 1-800-224-9376
  • Shaw 1-888-472-2222
  • Columbia Ridge Waterworks – 250-345-6673,


The FireSmart Committee is a sub committee of the Columbia Ridge Community Association. It’s mandate is to work towards a FireSmart designation for the Community, and educate home owners about best practices for protecting their properties from wildfire.

Please contact one of the FireSmart Committee members with any questions or to volunteer.

CRCE FireSmart Committee Members as of 2020/21:

Jerry Johner:

Dave Hubbard:

Bob Lounsberry:

Ron Kubik:

Pat Silver:

A Wildfire Hazard Assessment was completed on Columbia Ridge Estates in May 2020. Of concern were the wooded hills coming up from the lake and Hardy Creek, as fire could travel uphill into the community. The assessment also noted combustibles, trees and shrubbery (esp. Junipers) in close proximity to structures.  We urge everyone to consider the wildfire risks with their landscaping and building materials in order to keep the community as safe as possible.