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undefined Dutch Creek Mixing With Columbia Lake

Well the rain has been pounding down in the valley for the past few days. The Kootenay and Columbia River are way up, chocolatey brown and filled with debris. Dutch creek is also a torrent but they all seem to be staying within their banks. This all seems pretty tame relative to what is happening on the Alberta side of the Rockies so I hope that where ever you are living, you are staying high and dry.


If you are reading this, you will be happy to know that the neighbourhood is the same as it ever was. The water hasn't done any damage that I saw. The lake level is up but still at least a foot below where it was last year. All the toys are still on dry land along the banks and seem to be staying put.

The rain has mellowed significantly from last night and this morning. Not much more is forecast either so life on this side of the Rockies is looking pretty good.


  Posted: Fri Jun 21st 2013 2:34am  8 years ago