Columbia Ridge News

For those that ventured out to Columbia Lake this weekend it was a weekend more like summer than early spring. Clear skies and temperatures in the mid to high teens had everyone enjoying the great outdoors.

Tons of kids showed up for the annual easter egg hunt that was co-ordinated by Yi-Nei and Wendy. They spent the better part of two hours circling the neighbourhood following clues to the whereabouts of the assorted goodies.


I got more of a kick watching all the parents huddle around taking pictures.


With mirror like water all weekend, those brave enough to risk getting wet were out lapping up the sunshine. Only one boat was heard but if you had a good wetsuit, wakeboarding and waterskiing would have been pretty epic.

undefined Dave, one of many paddleboarders out this weekend.

undefined Kathy taking her scull out for a spin.

  Posted: Tue Apr 2nd 2013 10:52pm  8 years ago