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Well here it is, bright and early on the first day in January of 2013. It never fails that no matter what time I go to bed, I will be up at the latest by 6:00 AM the following morning. I sometimes wish I could make a New Year's resolution to sleep in but you can't fight your biological clock can you.

So instead, I type away and scan through pictures for posting here.

The New Year's Eve skating party seemed to be a success. After having a nap (one of the benefits of getting up really early) I wandered down to check out the activities on the lake. Three, pretty smooth rinks were cleared earlier in the week and there were a lot of people enjoying the winter wonderland.


It was a nice way to say goodbye to 2012 and usher in 2013. May everyone have a great year that finds you working less and playing way, way more.


  Posted: Tue Jan 1st 2013 2:48pm  8 years ago