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Columbia Ridge Propane Buyers Group Update

Those that previously completed the Propane Survey have been contacted directly by Superior Propane with an offer.

For those that did not complete a survey Superior Propane has made the Columbia Ridge Buying Group an offer. I believe it is a good offer as quite simply it guarantees a 13% discount to SuperiorÂ’s prices or other competitorÂ’s prices for similar types of contracts within the Fairmont Area.

For those that did not complete a survey you still have an opportunity to participate if the offer detailed below is interest to you. Superior Propane would strongly prefer that those interested contact them ASAP as they are trying to manage the switching of tanks in the most efficient manner possible.

The summary offer is as follows:

Tank installation/switch: $00.00 Price per Litre: variable $0.449; fixed $0.519 (prices are set annually) Annual Rent: year 1 - $0.00 420 lb cylinders and 500 uswg tanks; year 2 - $50 for 420 lb cylinders and $75 for 500 uswg tanks year 3 - $75 for 420 lb cylinders and $125 for 500 uswg tanks Transportation: $9.95/delivery

To implement this proposal an account and three year supply agreement needs to be completed for each resident. Note that prices are set annually. The 13% discount guarantee presides for the term of the contract.

Superior has stepped out from their standard contract and is making this offer to Columbia Ridge Residences only. The standard agreement would have an addendum from Superiors' Marketing Manager, Burt Lefebvre stating “Superior Propane’s Columbia Ridge fixed and variable rate offer will be an minimum of 13% below the standard fixed and variable residential rates being offered during the current 3 year supply agreement or any other widely available competitor's price for a similar type of contract within the Fairmont Area.”

Those who use propane for their primary heat and need to purchase propane through the winter months may want to consider the fixed price in an attempt to avoid a winter price spike. Those who use smaller volumes and who have the option to fill only in the summer may want to go with a variable price. Again this is a personal decision based on your own circumstances and risk tolerance.

This offer is open to all residences. It is not restricted to large users only.

I personally believe this is a good offering however I need to qualify it may not be appropriate for everyone. Everyone has their own unique circumstances. I will leave it to each of you to make a decision that you believe is in your best interest.

Everyone will have their own contract with Superior, be billed directly by Superior and be responsible for any charges. You are responsible to perform your own due diligence with respect to the contract. If you have not previously filled in the Propane Survey and you think this offer is of interest to you please contact Dianne Archer at Superior Propane. She can be contacted at p: (250) 409-4102 or email mailto:

If I can answer any questions please contact me by email: mailto:

Thanks Jim Coombe

  Posted: Tue Aug 26th 2014 9:00pm  7 years ago