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Propane follow-up request and information session

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We received 23 responses in the recent Propane survey request. Although the information received will support a preferential arrangement and price from Superior Propane it is far below the interest expressed at the Annual General Meeting. There are many of you in the community that have expressed a great deal of interest in the idea yet you have not responded to the survey. This contract should we pursue it will be driven based on the volume. The more that participate the greater the savings we can negotiate. PLEASE take the time to access the attached survey. If you do not have all the information simply fill in what you know.

*2. Information Session at the CCRA BBQ August 2, 2014 * I have arranged for Dianne Archer of Superior Propane to be available at the BBQ on August 2 for 7:30 after the dinner. There will be a very brief 10 to 15 minute discussion of the idea. This will also be an opportunity of those interested to complete the survey information. Dianne of Superior Propane will be available to answer any questions you may have.

  Posted: Sat Jul 26th 2014 1:18am  7 years ago