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A message from one of our neighbours who attended the presentation about the proposed development scenarios for the park at the north end of the lake:

I attended the open house meeting held at Fairmont this past Monday regarding the proposed access improvements to Columbia Lake Park. For those of you that were unable to attend,there is further information in the Columbia Valley Pioneer - April 4th addition, or on the government website

Since the 3 access scenarios will impact those of us that live/recreate on the lake, I feel it is important that we inform ourselves and provide feedback. The deadline for submissions is this Friday - April 11th.

FYI, I've summarized the access scenarios below but the website, of course, provides more specifics:

Scenario 1: Leave the road and existing access as is. This option would allow lake access from Fairmont along the north-east side of Columbia Lake to the Warspite Creek drainage. From this point, the existing road/trail requires a high clearance vehicle to access the lake shore. This final section of road/trail goes through environmentally, culturally and archaeologically sensitive areas and allows motorized off-roading access to the east side of Columbia Lake.

Scenario 2: Upgrading the existing road to a parking area (18-20 cars) to be constructed just before Warspite Creek. The remaining road/trail to the lake (500m) would be converted to a walking trail.The existing road that carries on to lot 48 (1 Km), would also be converted to a walking trail. Ending the road at Warspite creek will provide a natural barrier to off-road vehicle access to the east side of Columbia Lake. Estimated cost $250 K.

Scenario 3: Significantly upgrading the existing road, building a new section of road to allow access to a new day-use beach parking area (60-80 cars) and converting the road to lot 48 to a trail. Estimated cost $1.2 million. There is some potential of development of a boat launch site with this scenario.

BC Parks and First Nations are supporting Scenario 2.

Please take the time to review the options and consider the impact of the different scenarios. There is a link on the website that allows you to provide input.


  Posted: Mon Apr 7th 2014 10:36pm  7 years ago