Columbia Ridge News

After a few weeks of rain, it looks like summer is going to hit full force this weekend. Clear skies, temperatures in the 30s and my guess is glassy conditions on the lake.


I got lucky on Tuesday and had a great windsurfing session after work. It has been a pretty weak windy season so far but I am one of the few who find that to be an issue.

The water is super high right now. There is no beach and the water is only 20 cm below the top of the decks. Keep the beach toys tied up or on dry land because they will drift away. One of the new paddle boats has already taken on water and is partially submerged. I don't know how it took on water.

Enjoy your long weekend. It is going to be a beautiful one. Play safe.

  Posted: Fri Jun 28th 2013 11:56am  8 years ago