Columbia Ridge News

You will notice a new sign as you come into the neighbourhood this weekend. The map has been replaced by a board that will allow for notices to be clearly posted. Things such as wildlife in area and fire restrictions can be swapped in or out depending on the circumstances. Hopefully you will find it helpful.


Summer Solstice was last Sunday so we are officially into the Summer season and you will definitely know it this weekend. Temperatures are going to spike into the upper 30s making it a great weekend to be out on the water. Water temps are tolerable (I heard 70 degrees) and people are swimming without too much of shock to the system.

With hot hot temperatures I am guessing that the lake will be glassy all weekend. Great for boats and paddle boarders.

Just a note on fire restrictions. You should really check the web page because the sign can be misleading. Campfires are currently allowed in the Southeastern Fire District (that is us). Open fires are not. So no debris burning etc.

  Posted: Thu Jun 25th 2015 11:45am  6 years ago