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Hello Everyone!

This is an invitation to attend the 2nd Annual New Year’s Eve Skating Party on Dec 31 from 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

As itÂ’s now December, itÂ’s time to think about the holidays and what fun can be had down at the lake! We had a great time last year at the skating party, so lets do it again! This is an informal get together with our Columbia Ridge neighbours on New YearÂ’s Eve afternoon.

We’ll get a couple of fires going and have the skating area shoveled (hopefully the ice conditions will be favorable – and safe!). Everyone is encouraged to come down for a fun skate and a visit with friends and neighbours. We’re going to keep things as simple, easy and comfortable as possible for everyone, so “Bring Your Own…everything” (beverage, snack, chair et cetera) will be the order of the day. No RSVP necessary. Just come down to the lake and encourage other community members to do so too.

See you there!

Sean H.

P.S. If anyone would like to volunteer to bring some wood or help with preparing the ice for a fun and safe time, please come down to the waterfront around 12:00 noon (or earlier) and weÂ’ll set things up for everyone. Thanks!

  Posted: Mon Dec 9th 2013 12:39pm  7 years ago