Columbia Ridge News

The smoke and ash residents are seeing in our community is from the Doctor Creek Wildfire located approximately 25 km southwest of Canal Flats believed to be caused by a lightening strike. This is a rapidly evolving situation and an evacuation order has been issued from Doctor Creek to Findlay Creek including the Blue Lake Centre and Whitetail Lake.

There have been no reports of aircraft skimming Columbia Lake as part of the fire fighting effort but boaters should be aware of the potential for aircraft to be in the area and to give them plenty of room.

The latest information on wildfires, fire bans or restrictions can be found at To report a wildfire, an unattended campfire, or an open burning violation call 1-800-663-5555 or 5555 for your cell phone.

CRCA Board of Directors

  Posted: Thu Aug 20th 2020 12:00pm  8 months ago